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Swing Structure Guide

July 29, 2023

The swing structure feature plays a fundamental role in multiple features. Altering the swing settings impacts various elements, including the volume profile, discount and premium levels, and the swing order block feature.

Think of swing structures as a house, and internal structures as the stuff inside the house. Just like the furniture lives inside the house, the internal structure lives inside the swing structure. And if you consider price as something that can be broken down into smaller bits (like a fractal), then the internal structure is just the swing structure seen at a smaller scale or time. You can read about internal structure here.

The term 'range' refers to the specific segment of the swing structure within which price movements are contained. Essentially, it designates the highest and lowest points of trade, forming the boundaries or 'range'. This is akin to a playing field where the action, in this case, price fluctuations, takes place.

How to enable the swing levels?

Step 1: head over to the SMC Settings

To enable the feature simply head over to the indicator settings.

Step 2: Enable the swing structure

When you are inside the SMC settings - locate the "Market structure" section and make sure to check the swing structure box.

Show Previous Structure

If you want to see historical swing highs, lows and breaks you can click on the dropdown and select "swing".

Swing Type: Adaptive and Natural

There are two types of swing types inside the SMC Indicator. 1. Adaptive and 2. Natural. Both with a totally different approach. Where adaptive will show you much smaller ranges, the Natural swing will show you much broader swing ranges. This depends on what you prefer - play around with it.

BOS Type

This feature will set the rule of the break of the structure. If you want to have it on close the candle needs to close below or above the low or high. See below an example where the wick counts as a valid break. This ended up in a liquidity grab. You can use this feature to spot liquidity grabs by setting alerts.

Which features are affected by the Swing Structure setting?

Like said in the beginning: "The swing structure feature plays a fundamental role in multiple features. Since the indicator offers you a frame-work for trading ranges - some of the features are connected to the swing structure.

1. Discount and Premium

2. Volume profile

3. Swing Order Blocks

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