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Our tech driven answer to consistent and profitable trading in the 21st century. We create tools for professionals with beginners in mind and focus on SMC traders since day 1.

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We keep updating our products with more features and translate complex concepts into simple and useable tools.

User feedback integration

We listen to our community. With over 4000+ active SMC traders we receive loads of feedback. Your voice counts.

Developed by real traders.

With our partners that actually teach SMC we developed the SMC Indicator and other tools over time.

SMC Indicator

The mind of a professional on your chart.

Faster Charting Performance
Drawing takes time. If you know how to draw the right zones and market structure, you know it takes time. And you need to update this every single day.
Using Sonarlab Indicators
Without Sonarlab Indicators
Automatic structure
Swing Structure / 2 types: natural and adaptive / Automatic Fib (discount/ premium pricing) / CHoCH+ / Fake out filters
Internal structure / CHoCH + / Fake out filters
Volume profile / POC  / Automatic connected to range
SMC MTF add-on
MTF Analysis is important. Looking to only 1 timeframe is like looking only to the left crossing the road. You will be blind. With our SMC MTF add-on you will seek more clarity and a better overview.
Order blocks
Order blocks / 2 types: Traditional and Filtered / Swing and Internal OB's / 3 Styles
Volume data / Bull Volume / Bear Volume
Liquidity Concepts
Trend Line Liquidity / Mitigation settings / Multi Timeframe / Sensitivity
Equal Highs and Lows / Mitigation settings / Sensitivity
Liquidity Grab / Alerts included
Automatic Fib Ranges
Ranges / Auto Premium Discount / Retracement levels

22 alerts (for mobile)

50+ styling options

18 rule based filters

Space Gray
Seek clarity. Thanks to the efficiency of our tools, Sonarlab can deliver amazing performance with extreme precision — so you stay focused and confident in what you do.
Built with you in mind. We were the first SMC Indicator on the market and we developed it with extreme precision. The most advanced SMC Indicator available.
Confirm your analysis

With our confirmation tools

Automatic Trend Lines/ wedges
Trend Confirmation Lines
Revision Bands
EMA Clouds
Exhaustion points
Multi Timeframe Trend Structure
Trading Panel
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What makes us different?

Our dedicated team comes with a combined background of 10 years of experience. We can confidently say that our 10 years of experience and user dedication has gone into all the systems we make and preach. We have a dedicated and wonderful community and our software is top-notch. Even if we say so ourselves.

How much experience do I need to use it?

We have carefully designed our software so that even the newest trader can analyze the market with the fundamental framework of a true professional. However, there needs to be an understanding of how the concepts work and operate in the market, so you can implement it the right way.

How accurate is it?

Our users say it matches 95% of their chart work. But like any other tool, you need to have an edge and know what you're doing. This comes from testing and learning.

Why you not try it out and see for you self?

Is there anything else I get apart from the Algorithm?

1) Full access to our Sonarlab Trading Community, A group of over 3,000+ (and growing) highly motivated and like-minded individuals that sits at the core of everything we do at Sonarlab… Don’t worry, once you’re in, you will know what we mean.. , where professional traders share their set-ups and trade break-downs.

2) The Sonarlab SMC Algorithms, our tech-driven answer to consistent and profitable trading in the 21st century.

3) Access to all of our future innovations and improvements.