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Become our VIPartner.

Earn 40% on each sale (monthly, quarterly or yearly)

We have two types of Partner Programs

How does it work?

For our community members that want to share the Indicator with friends and familly we have the Starter Program. This program is different from the advanced one. The Starter program is made for members that want to share Sonarlab to their friends or familly. By referring members, you will get a discount on your own subscription. If you have a YouTube channel, blog or community then the advanced program is more for you.


Our Starter milestones

5 referrals

10% off recurring

10 referrals

25% off recurring

15 referrals

50% off recurring

20 referrals

100% off recurring

How to access?

Login to your account on our website and go to referrals. Here you can find your referral link.

How does it work?

The Partner Program works according to the affiliate marketing model. Only people with a YouTube channel, blog, community, etc. will get access to this program. It works simple: register and become a Partner. We will contact you and have a small conversation, with you. You then promote Sonarlab and earn commission based on their subscription. For example, if they have a monthly plan - you will get 40% every month. Premium partners (YouTubers, bloggers, etc.) get 40% commission.


Place your affiliate link on your website, Youtube or share with friends


Refer your visitors to Sonarlab.io


Receive 40% commission on every sale you make (as long as the user stays).

Refer. Earn.

The Affiliate program is an important part of our business. It allows our Clients to become our business partners and earn an income from their marketing network and teamwork efforts.

The affiliate program is perfect if you have a Crypto, Stock, Forex content website, forum, or a group of traders that you would like to help get setup with our Algorithm. Most Affiliates can earn a steady income stream by introducing or referring just a handful of clients a month to Sonarlab.

Earn up to 40% on every sale

Be our partner and create cashflow.