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Trend Line Liquidity

Spotting liquidity is important in trading - otherwise, you become it yourself. Our tools help you find these hot areas where liquidity can reach, so you do not overlook them. A must-have in your arsenal.
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Spotting liquidity is important in trading - otherwise, you become it yourself. Our tools help you find these hot areas where liquidity can reach, so you do not overlook them. A must-have in your arsenal.

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Trend Line Liquidity

You probably heard of trend lines and maybe even tried to trade them. To mention upfront - trend lines do work. But we can also use trend lines in a different way and look at them from a Liquidity perspective. Trend Lines are basically obvious places where people are looking for positioning themselves, also the trend lines are used in the past by traders, so there are stops above or below them. In this document, we will give you a few examples of how to use the new Trend Line Liquidity Indicator in our free TLL guide (which you can download below), so you are fully understanding its purpose of it.
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Keeping on 1 timeframe is crossing the road without looking to your right or left.

Enable higher timeframe

Multi Timeframe analyses are important. Never miss higher timeframe trend line liquidity again with this feature. We got you covered.

Made to be tweaked.

Customize it.

Set mitigation rules, display limit and play around with the sensitivity to find larger and smaller liquidity pools.

Style it the way you want.

Style it.

Trading is a part of you - even your chart style. Match the colors with your chart-layout and get out there finding setups. You can even change the text inputs.
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5 etoiles trustpilot
This indicator automates so much of my…

This indicator automates so much of my chart work, and the team is extremely diligent in upgrading and fine-tuning the algorithm. Above all else, the community I’ve been introduced to is worth the money all on its own. Hats off to you Sonarlab!

Braydee Prokopchuk
5 etoiles trustpilot
Sonarlab aka G.O.A.T.

Sonarlab.. where do I start. When I first came across them I honestly thought it was snake oil.. a lot of companies doing similar things but I decided to check them out. I’m sure glad I did. Sonarlab not only makes the highest quality indicators but the attention to detail and clear experience in the markets really sets them apart from everyone else. Keep up the great work!

Nelson S.
5 etoiles trustpilot
I wouldn’t go back to the old way I was charting

I used to take the time to draw out my order blocks and it was a long and tedious process. Now I use sonarlab where it automates it all for me. Not only do I save time but I save having to be sure my chart work is correct. I can attribute a lot of my trading success to this tool. Thank you to the sonarlab team.

Brice Hatcher
5 etoiles trustpilot
Efficiency is all about!

Knowing SMC rules and trading using Sonarlab indicators, I found myself taking less time analyzing charts, less time to open an accurate position and not less important, better targeting.

Fransico b.
5 etoiles trustpilot
A must have tool

This indicator suite is a must have tool for serious SMC traders. It saves me a ton of time everyday, it is doing the chart markups for me. My personal favorite part of this indicator, is the alert function, now I can track multiple forex pairs at the same time.

Marcel Rump
5 etoiles trustpilot
Best SMC Tool ever

This is the best SMC tool on Tradingview. I have tried 4 paid SMC indicators. Sonarlab is the best one. No need to change and find another one. If you are SMC trader, it is a must have item since it save you a lot of charting time and you could set alert for Choch or BOS. you don't need to sit in front of the computer all the time.

Ocean Tsang
5 etoiles trustpilot
The best indicators up there

This indicator would do wonders if the person using it knows the base concept. It still could be the best tool for newbies too. I wish I had such an indicator when I started my journey. More improvements to the indicator will make this the best indicator available in the market. Good luck and thanks to sonarlab for this wonderful tool.

Oleg Bezrukov
5 etoiles trustpilot
Great indicators and top notch support

Great indicators and top notch support. I would highly recommend Sonarlab!

Stephen Agleron
5 etoiles trustpilot
WELL worth it - 5/5 Stars - Thanks Sonarlab!

Sonarlab Indicators are top notch! Trust me, if you want any knowledge of markets, strategies, or indicators, you NEED SonarLabs indicators...not just 1 of them, ALL of them work together to bring you the best setup possible for your trading

Jason Dahlen
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What is liquidity in trading?

Market liquidity is an overlooked topic when it comes to trading. Thedefinition of liquidity is; “the availability of liquid assets to a market orcompany”. In the simplest way possible, Liquidity is a measure of the ease ofability to enter and exit a market at the desired price based on the number ofbuyers (bids) and sellers (asks/offers) in that market.

Taking liquidity within your trading plan is a big probability gainer. How often did you got that you your bias was on point, but you got stopped out by a wick? Also know as: stop hunt or liquidity grab. This happens systematically -over and over again. are the main reason as to why common retail trading methods such as trend lines and chart patterns (double tops/bottoms, head and shoulders, flags, wedges etc..) rarely work. If 95% of retail traders areutilizing these methods, then of course institutional algorithms will be programmed to purge stop losses surrounding these chart formations.

So when trading SMC we look at the market from a different perspective. We are not trading like the big institutions, but we simply follow them. If we know that for every buyer we need a seller, liquidity serves as fuel for the market maker. If there is liquidity forming before a POI, this will tell us that there is a point where price can heavily react from.

What is trend line liquidity?

Trendline liquidity refers to the amount of buying and selling activity around a trendline. When a trendline has high liquidity, it means there are many buyers and sellers trading around that level, creating a significant supply and demand dynamic that can influence future price movements. On the other hand, a trendline with low liquidity may not provide as much support or resistance.

Analyzing trendline liquidity can provide you with valuable insights into market conditions and potential trading opportunities. You can look for areas of high liquidity to identify potential entry or exit points or use trendline liquidity as a signal to confirm other technical indicators or trading strategies. Overall, incorporating trendline liquidity analysis into your trading strategy can be a powerful tool for improving your trading performance and managing risk in a variety of market conditions.

Will this Indicator draw liquidity for you?

Yes, this indicator can help you identify trendline liquidity by drawing areas where buyers and sellers are actively trading, as well as areas where orders are resting. This can provide valuable insights into market conditions and potential trading opportunities, allowing you to make more informed trading decisions based on the underlying liquidity of the market. Overall, incorporating trendline liquidity analysis into your trading strategy can be a powerful tool for identifying entry and exit points, managing risk, and improving your overall trading performance.