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Asian session liquidity indicator for Tradingview


Is extremely important

Trading is all about timing. To give you the best insights in choosing the right moments, we developed the Sonarlab Session Indicator. An amazing framework for SMC traders, with concepts from the Inner Circle Trader
Developed for traders, by traders 💙


Everything at one glance, so your up-to-date on your position.


Session shown

Asian, London and New York shown on your chart. Set your timezone and go.

Session statistics

See the ADR, range and midline. It also has a COT release alert.

Open levels

Daily weekly and monthly open

Days of the week

Mon, tue, wed, thu, fri on your chart. Handy with backtesting.

Timezone setting

Loads of session indicators has bugs in showing the right time. Our timezone setting has this solved.

Asian focused

Asian duplication levels for intra-day targets and alerts for asian high/ low liquidation

Timing is important

To get the bests moves, you have to time your trades. Use the free Sonarlab Session Indicator for this.

Premium Indicator

Level up
Your Trading

Using Sonarlabs premium Indicator suite which gives you professional insights in the market. See here our flagship SMC Indicator.

Meet our

Premium Suite

All tools included

SMC Indictor

Worlds first and most accurate SMC Indicator on the market. The Indicator, where trading experience and technology are blended to one beast of a system.

SMC MTF add-on

Doing analysis on multi timeframe level on automation. Enable up to 2 timeframes so you don't have to switch time interval all the time.

MTF FVG's Imbalance

Multi timeframe analysis is important. FVG's act like magnets in the market, so keeping them on your chart is powerful. Own the FVG space with the MTF Indicator.

Multi Trend Tool

Confirm your analysis with the Multi Trend Tool. Make use of the different trend confirmation tools inside, to gain an extra edge.

Volume Profile

Just like the Premium Indicator from Tradingview, you can se a fixed range with the volume profile. Our tool can also automatically detect for you.

Lot size calculator

Calculating a lot size in MetaTrader is normally not a quick task, but it is a very important one. We made it easy with this tool.

Free Order Block + E-book

Free Institutional order block finder for Tradingview. See where big institutions positioned themselves with a click on a button.

Free Session Indicator

ICT killzones, asian session sweep alerts, sessions and much more handy stuff trading SMC on intraday base.