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What is a market structure shift (MMS)?

July 29, 2023

Market Structure is deemed the bedrock of price action trading, underpinning almost every trading decision in this domain. Gaining a profound comprehension of market structure is pivotal for individuals committed to excelling in price action trading. In this context, ICT has developed a unique perspective on this fundamental concept.

"MSS" stands for Market Structure Shift. A Market Structure Shift is a concept in technical analysis that denotes a significant change in the price pattern of a security, indicating a potential reversal of the current trend.

A Bullish Market Structure Shift (MSS) typically occurs when there is a shift from a bearish (downward) trend to a bullish (upward) trend. It often involves the price making lower highs and lower lows (a bearish trend), followed by a higher low and then a higher high (indicating the shift to a bullish trend).

Our Bullish MSS feature allows you to predict price changes. When the price takes out the Sellside Liquidity, it then displaces by moving aggressively in a bullish direction, breaking through the most recent internal high.

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