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Liquidity Finder Multi Timeframe

The liquidity Finder helps you to spot liquidity areas with a wink of an eye. Use it multi timeframe and find key levels with ease using the tool. And it is free!
This Indicator is developed for the TradingView platform only.
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The liquidity Finder helps you to spot liquidity areas with a wink of an eye. Use it multi timeframe and find key levels with ease using the tool. And it is free!

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Liquidity Indicator Multi Timeframe TradingView
Introducing the

Liquidity Finder

This indicator uses Pivot Points to identify Liquidity Levels in the market. Liquidity Levels are levels in the market where you would expect price to be pulled towards.

Liquidity Levels by Sonarlab also has an option to show Higher Timeframe Liquidity Levels.
Below are the indicators settings:

Liquidity Mitigation Options
The Indicator has options for you to choose what happens to the Liquidity line/boxes once it has been mitigated. Either Keep them on the chart, or remove them.

Display Styles
Choose how the levels are displayed, either with Lines or Boxes.
Set te your Extension options, by keeping the lines/boxes "short" or extending to current price, or maximum to the right

Colors and Styles
Set colors and styles for all lines and boxes
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What is structural liquidity in trading?

Structural liquidity refers to liquidity that builds up around major price pivots or structure points, typically responsible for breaking one or more levels of structure. It helps traders identify potential areas where large market players may manipulate price for building or offloading positions.

How can structural liquidity be used in trading strategies?

Structural liquidity can be utilized to identify potential price reversal points, trap areas, or target levels in the market. Incorporating these insights into your trading strategy can help improve trade entry points, risk management, and overall profitability.

Does the structural liquidity indicator draws liquidity for me?

Our structural liquidity indicator for TradingView automatically detects and highlights significant levels of structural liquidity in the market. It provides a visual representation of areas where large market participants may target, aiding traders in making more informed decisions.

Is the structural liquidity indicator suitable for beginners?

Yes, the structural liquidity indicator is designed to be user-friendly and beneficial for both beginners and experienced traders. It helps enhance market analysis by providing clear and easy-to-understand insights on structural liquidity levels.

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5 etoiles trustpilot
This indicator automates so much of my…

This indicator automates so much of my chart work, and the team is extremely diligent in upgrading and fine-tuning the algorithm. Above all else, the community I’ve been introduced to is worth the money all on its own. Hats off to you Sonarlab!

Braydee Prokopchuk
5 etoiles trustpilot
Sonarlab aka G.O.A.T.

Sonarlab.. where do I start. When I first came across them I honestly thought it was snake oil.. a lot of companies doing similar things but I decided to check them out. I’m sure glad I did. Sonarlab not only makes the highest quality indicators but the attention to detail and clear experience in the markets really sets them apart from everyone else. Keep up the great work!

Nelson S.
5 etoiles trustpilot
I wouldn’t go back to the old way I was charting

I used to take the time to draw out my order blocks and it was a long and tedious process. Now I use sonarlab where it automates it all for me. Not only do I save time but I save having to be sure my chart work is correct. I can attribute a lot of my trading success to this tool. Thank you to the sonarlab team.

Brice Hatcher
5 etoiles trustpilot
Efficiency is all about!

Knowing SMC rules and trading using Sonarlab indicators, I found myself taking less time analyzing charts, less time to open an accurate position and not less important, better targeting.

Fransico b.
5 etoiles trustpilot
A must have tool

This indicator suite is a must have tool for serious SMC traders. It saves me a ton of time everyday, it is doing the chart markups for me. My personal favorite part of this indicator, is the alert function, now I can track multiple forex pairs at the same time.

Marcel Rump
5 etoiles trustpilot
Best SMC Tool ever

This is the best SMC tool on Tradingview. I have tried 4 paid SMC indicators. Sonarlab is the best one. No need to change and find another one. If you are SMC trader, it is a must have item since it save you a lot of charting time and you could set alert for Choch or BOS. you don't need to sit in front of the computer all the time.

Ocean Tsang
5 etoiles trustpilot
The best indicators up there

This indicator would do wonders if the person using it knows the base concept. It still could be the best tool for newbies too. I wish I had such an indicator when I started my journey. More improvements to the indicator will make this the best indicator available in the market. Good luck and thanks to sonarlab for this wonderful tool.

Oleg Bezrukov
5 etoiles trustpilot
Great indicators and top notch support

Great indicators and top notch support. I would highly recommend Sonarlab!

Stephen Agleron
5 etoiles trustpilot
WELL worth it - 5/5 Stars - Thanks Sonarlab!

Sonarlab Indicators are top notch! Trust me, if you want any knowledge of markets, strategies, or indicators, you NEED SonarLabs indicators...not just 1 of them, ALL of them work together to bring you the best setup possible for your trading

Jason Dahlen
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