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All the tools you need, trading the modern markets.

Speed up your Chart-work for better performance

All the tools you need trading the modern markets. You can even program your own alerts without coding.

Save 70% more time per day. Using the Sonarlab Charting Tools.

Sonarlab counts hundreds of traders trading the tools on a daily base - claiming it saves them up to 70% more time per day.

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Simplify Trading. Enhance focus.

A comprehensive solution for Trading the modern markets. Seek clarity and efficiency while trading.

Sonarlab Alert Builder

Powerful alerts & optimizations.

Be in control, set rules and create the flow you want. The most detailed and precised price action tool available on the market.

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Deep Volume insights

Used by professional volume traders, the most robust volume profile tools on TradingView to give you great insights.

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Confirmation tools

Confirm your bias with our handy confirmation tools that are used beside our price action frame-work.

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Features that boost your trading

Click on the white circles and reveal the possibilities of the Sonarlab Algorithms

Hear what our users have to say about Sonarlab.

Say goodbye to the stress of drawing and hello to a more focused, efficient, and successful you

Jason Dahlen
Sonarlab - user
Sonarlab Indicators are top notch! Trust me, if you want any knowledge of markets, strategies, or indicators, you NEED SonarLabs indicators...not just 1 of them, ALL of them work together to bring you the best setup possible for your trading
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Daniel D. - US
Sonarlab - user
SonarLab is amazing. The customization, different indicators, customer service, discord, everything is top notch.
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Daniel D. - US
Sonarlab - user
Struggled with drawing OB entries for 2 years, but this expensive indicator transformed my trading experience and made everything clearer. It's worth it, helped pass my first FTMO challenge quickly. Don't hesitate, buy it!
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Sonarlab - user
The suite of premium indicators, as well as the free versions, are the undisputed smart money concept champions and in a league of their own!
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Sonarlab - user
I’ve been using SonarLab for a few months, and I’m still astonished by the attention to detail that the developers have put into this indicator. Its constantly being updated with new features and the alerts are top-notch! The indicator is beginner-friendly, and they have an active Discord group that helps anyone with potential questions. If you’re an SMC-styled trader, THIS IS A MUST!
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Sonarlab - user
This is just start of Sonarlab they are going to be a real Force within the trading communities so best get in now and ride the wave with us to the top.
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Global fusion
Sonarlab - user
Best SMC indicator for beginners as well as for professionals...This indicator has changed my life literally. I am a beginner with just 4 months in trading and this indicator helps me find order blocks and several key SMC concepts... loved it a lot and a special thanks to the team who keep listening opinions of professional traders to make it better and stronger... Good Luck...
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30 day money back guarantee. Cancel anytime in one-clock from within your account. If you're not completely satisfied, effortlessly cancel with a single click from your account. Your satisfaction is our priority, so we'll happily refund your investment within the first 30 days. Don't wait - start transforming your trading today!

What makes Sonarlab different?

Our dedicated team comes with a combined background of 10 years of experience. We can confidently say that our 10 years of experience and user dedication have gone into all the systems we make and preach. We trade our own systems and improve based on our community's input. We trade and grow together.

We have a dedicated and wonderful community and our software is top-notch. Our marketing won't fool you with buy-and-sell signals that eventually don't match your expectations. We like solutions - instead of illusions.

Can you guarantee results?

We can't guarantee anything. Our goal is to provide the best tools s possible to make trading easier and faster. The concepts within the tools are traded successfully by a lot of our premium users. Are you next?

How much experience do I need to use it?

We have carefully designed our software so that even the newest trader can analyze the market with the fundamental framework of a true professional. However, there needs to be an understanding of how the concepts work and operate in the market, so you can implement it the right way.

Is there anything else I get apart from the Algorithm?

1) Full access to our Sonarlab Trading Community, A group of almost 3,000+ (and growing) highly motivated and like-minded individuals that sits at the core of everything we do at Sonarlab… Don’t worry, once you’re in, you will know what we mean.. , where professional traders share their set-ups and trade break-downs.

2) The Sonarlab  Algorithms, our tech-driven answer to consistent and profitable trading in the 21st century.

3) Access to all of our future innovations and improvements.

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