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Reversion Bands Guide

August 6, 2023

The Reversion Bands featuring an intuitive visual design to highlight potential price reversal points. When the price reaches the bands, it may either reverse its course or experience a pullback. Aligning these occurrences with other market influences provides an enhanced trading advantage.

The Reversion Bands include both bullish and bearish bands - essentially, a band positioned above and another below the current price. If the price touches the lower band, it could indicate a forthcoming bullish trend. Conversely, if the price hits the upper band, it could suggest a possible bearish turn. This powerful tool simplifies complex market movements, giving traders an extra layer of analytical insight.

How to enable Reversion Bands?

Step 1: head over to the MTT Settings

To enable the Reversion Bands feature simply head over to the indicator settings.

Step 2: Enable the Revision Band feature

When you are inside the MTT settings - locate the Reversion Bands and enable it (third box).

Practical Example:

In the example below you can see price tapping in to the reversion bands and reverse. Especially when it aligns with other confluences/ concepts like: order block it makes great moves (see first white circle).

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