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Reversal Points Guide

August 6, 2023

Reversal points essentially represent exhaustion levels, indicating when the price is poised to lose momentum. As the price begins to decelerate, it may either reverse direction or initiate a pullback. Pairing these alerts with additional market indicators can provide exceptional confluence, thereby enriching your strategic approach and boosting the reliability of your predictions. This combination of tools offers a comprehensive view of the market, aiding in the decision-making process.

How to enable Reversal Points?

Step 1: head over to the MTT Settings

To enable the Reversal Points feature simply head over to the indicator settings.

Step 2: Enable the Reversal Points feature

When you are inside the MTT settings - locate the Reversal Points box and enable it (first box).

Tweaking the settings:


A lower sensitivity setting will yield fewer signals, as it seeks to identify only the most pronounced exhaustion points. By prioritizing stronger signs of market exhaustion, this setting can help highlight more significant potential reversals, allowing for focused and potentially more reliable trading decisions.

Practical Example:

See how the reversal point appears when price touched the Daily Support Level, it even gave us a stop hunt, when it filled our Fair Value Gap.

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