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Step-by-Step Guide on Setting up Alerts for Sonarlab Premium Indicators

July 29, 2023

Step 1

Open the Sonarlab indicator settings: Locate and open the settings for the specific Sonarlab indicator you want to set up alerts for.

Alert options

Step 2

Choose alert options: Inside the indicator settings, find the alert options and use the check boxes to select which alerts you'd like to enable.

Create Alert button at the top of your TradingView Chart

Step 3

Navigate to "Create Alert": On the top of your TradingView chart, click the "Create Alert" button. Open "Create Alert" panel: Once you click on "Create Alert," a panel will appear.

Step 4

In the "Create Alert" panel, change the dropdown for "Condition" to Sonarlab "Indicator Name" (depending on what indicator you want to create alerts for). Then choose "Any alert() function call". The rest of the alert creation can be your choice. For the Alert Name, using the symbol name is best practice eg, ETHUSDT, although anything will be sufficient. Once you're finished click create.

This single alert creation will send you an alert for any of the signals you ticked in the indicators settings. For example, this single alert will alert you for both, buy, sell and break of structure signals.

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