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ICT Implied Fair Value Gap (IFVG)

August 5, 2023

The Implied Fair Value Gap (IFVG) is a concept developed by ICT that identifies a three-candle pattern based on the presence of a larger candle body, followed by calculating the average of the surrounding candle shadows. Since this pattern is super powerful, we decided to create a script that finds the IFVG automatically for you. Handy right?

This indicator is designed to automatically recognize this pattern on your charts, and its range can be adjusted according to the user's preference. The Indicator is able to find patterns on a higher timeframe level and gives you alerts once the IFVG is created, which allows you to jump on the chart and see whats up.

The IFVG average can also be extended until a new corresponding IFVG is identified, effectively functioning as a support or resistance line. Additionally, this script includes alerts for detecting both bullish and bearish IFVG patterns so you are not missing out on the move.

Timeframe Settings

  1. Current Timeframe
  2. Higher Timeframe


  1. Size Threshold %
  2. IFVG Extension


  1. Bull Box/ Border
  2. Mid Line
  3. Bear Box/ Border
  4. Mid Line

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