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How to enable the free Sonarlab Scripts?

August 7, 2023

1. Login Sonarlab Dashboard

Login to your account or create a new account. Once you are logged in, locate the Indicator tab on the left.

2. Connect account

If you did not connect your account already, you will receive this pop-up: "please connect the TradingView integration in your account. Connect your TradingView." Make sure to click on: "connect your TradingView" and fill in your username.

3. Connect Script

Once this is done, click again on connect and you are done!

Loading the indicator in TradingView

1. Locate Indicator folder

In TradingView simply locate the Indicator folder and select the Invite-only scripts folder. In here you will see the script - if not, please refresh or close your TradingView.

I can't see the free script in my Invite-only folder?

Make sure to refresh your browser, clear your cookies or hard-close the application. If this won't work, double check if your TradingView username is filled in correctly. If this won't help, please contact our support team.

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