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How to add your Tradingview username to Sonarlab?

July 29, 2023

During the sign up process, you will be asked to provide your TradingView Username. This username will be how we grant you automatic access after signing up. If something went wrong in this process you can simply visit the user dashboard.

Step 1 - sign in to your account

Simply fill in your Sonarlab e-mailadres and login with the One Time Password (this will be send to your mail). If you do not receive this mail, please check your spam first.

Step 2 - Locate Integration tab

When you are signed in you need to locate the Integration tab on the left on desktop or at the navigation on mobile. Here you will find the TradingView Integration tab. Click on the button connected or disconnected. When it is already connected double check if the username matches your TradingView username. If it is disconnected do the same!

Step 3 - Go to TradingView

Go to TradingView and refresh your browser or hard-close your application. You will find it under the invite only scripts. Not sure how to do this? Read this article.

If these steps did not work for you, please contact our support team on discord.

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