Take your ANALYSIS to a whole new level

Join over 1700+ SMC Traders

Join over 600+ SMC Traders

We at Sonarlab managed to make the most complete SMC Indicator on the market available, that can be used by beginners and  advanced traders. There are even popular educational platforms that use it in their teaching to make the lives of theirs and their students easier.


ALL the features you will ever need

From a-z

Alert features

Get notified when price taps into your Point of Interest, shifts market structure (and more in development).

Focus Mode

Get mindful with our focus mode, which only shows you the most current zones and structures.

Swing Structure

Identifying major structure with the SMC Indicator has never been easier. With a wink of an eye you spot in which range you are trading in.

Internal Structure

Spot structure within swing structure with a click on a button.

Structure break

Break of Structure and Change of Character - all this cool stuff is included in the SMC Indicator.

Supply and Demand

Automatic high probability supply and demand zones. People say these zones are almost 90% match with what they draw themselves.

Automatic Fibonacci

See if price is in Discount or in Premium within seconds. The indicator does it all automatically for you.

Imbalances/ Fair value gaps

Easily spot uncleared Imbalances/ FVG. Extend them or leave them small. It is all up to you.

Equal Highs and Lows

Coming soon

Trading Dashboard

Coming soon
Gain your edge
Grow your confidence
All the concepts you need in one indicator
New features on request by the community

All benefits at a glance

You will simply love this tool to have beside your trading. Experience it for yourself.

People love Sonarlab

5 etoiles trustpilot
The best indicators up there

This indicator would do wonders if the person using it knows the base concept. It still could be the best tool for newbies too. I wish I had such an indicator when I started my journey. More improvements to the indicator will make this the best indicator available in the market. Good luck and thanks to sonarlab for this wonderful tool.

Oleg Bezrukov
5 etoiles trustpilot
Best i've seen yet...

The indicators from Sonarlab are one of a kind! I really like the auto draw of OB's and you can even set alerts for OB's and BOS/CHOCH. If you trade Smart Money Concepts and don't have time to sit behind your charts the whole day this is definitely a time saver!

SMC Trader
5 etoiles trustpilot
Great Indicator!

A combination of many indicators. You can combine the SMC and Liquid indicators to increase the winning probability of your trading strategy.

I personally use the supply and demand section most! Keep up the good work Sonarlab!

Oleg Bezrukov
5 etoiles trustpilot
Sonarlab is amazing

Sonarlab is amazing! They have hands down my favorite SMC indicator available to the market. If you want to increase your success in trading I would highly recommend these indicators.

Ashton Montoya
SMC Trader
5 etoiles trustpilot
Great indicators and top notch support

Great indicators and top notch support. I would highly recommend Sonarlab!

Stephen Agleron
5 etoiles trustpilot
WELL worth it - 5/5 Stars - Thanks Sonarlab!

Sonarlab Indicators are top notch! Trust me, if you want any knowledge of markets, strategies, or indicators, you NEED SonarLabs indicators...not just 1 of them, ALL of them work together to bring you the best setup possible for your trading

Jason Dahlen
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