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XAUUSD - 1:18 RR | 06.08.2022

H1/ M15/ M5

We can clearly see that price is bullish on the M15. Price reacted perfectly from our higher timeframe order block. From that moment, I've shifted to the lower timeframe to see If I can spot some nice area to buy from. We pulled our Volume profile from the low to the high to look where the most volume is resting (POC). The POC was matching a hidden base, which is demand on a lower timeframe. As we can also see is that price was building up some kind of Trend Line Liquidity before our demand zone. This gave me the signal that it was a perfect demand zone to take a long from to the next high.

We took partials on its way up to secure the profits and be prepared on a shift in trend.


  • Hidden base
  • Trend line liquidity
  • Pro trend (aligned with HTF Bias)
  • POC alligned with POI (hidden base)

Timeframes used:

M15/ H1: Bias


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